American Airlines Denies Down Syndrome

An American Airlines pilot denied first class boarding to a family with a child who has Down Syndrome claiming that the child was a security risk. However, the family denies that their son was causing a disturbance and says that he was calm.

They said that they fly all the time in coach and have never been denied seating before but this is the first time that they purchased first class tickets. It certainly seems that American Airlines doesn’t want to subject their first class passengers to someone with Down Syndrome.

CNN broadcast a small segment of video taken by the parents which shows that their son was sitting quietly and also shows a security person telling the parents that they are not allowed to use a video camera in a security area. The security person does not appear to be from TSA but looks like an American Airlines employee.

Take a look at the video and read the article at and leave a comment below about your opinion.

I would fire the American Airlines pilot and any supervisors he spoke with regarding the incident.

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